My name is Paggie Chen, a current student at the Syracuse University MFA illustration program. I majored in Visual Design and received my BA from Tongji University in China. After learning design for 4 years, I realized I prefer drawing by my hands than using the software to layout the shapes.

So I picked up my brushes again and determined to be an illustrator. I went to the USA to pursue my illustrator lifestyle. In the first and half years, I tried to draw comics, children's books and enjoy the moment while creating things. It brings me back to the time when I was a little girl drawing on a taboret with a stack of printing paper and a gel pen. I feel free when I was drawing.

I'm still on the way of exploring my unique style and voice. Hoping I could be friends with other brilliant artists.

For any suggestion or just say hello, please write to paggiechenart@gmail.com.

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